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Magnificent Century Episode 16 | English Subtitle


Magnificent Century Episode 16 | English Subtitle


Hürrem keeps getting in trouble. However, there is a utterly different Hürrem now. She both sets the things at her will and she learns how everyone will like her.
Suleiman is about to have coitus with Sadıka. Will Sadıka be able to apply her evil plans?
Hürrem is with Hatice at the new palace. Will Hürrem see Leo?
Mahidevran is with Prince Mehmet. He falls into the pool. Will Mahidevran be able to Mehmet? Hürrem gets panicked as she finds out that her baby fell into the pool. She directly goes to Mahidevran’s suit. They comes face to face again but Hürrem reacrs differently this time.
Hürrem finds out that Sadıka has been sent in coitus. She’s dealing with a new danger now. Hürrem knows that she needs to get rid of her immediately. She takes the chance that comes her way.
Mahidevran is still ill. Gülşah suspects that Mahidevran is pregnant and tells that everyone in harem even if Mahidevran warns her not to do that. Hürrem gets shocked as she hears that.

At the age of 26, when he ascended to the throne, Sultan Suleiman aimed to build an empire more powerful than Alexander the Great and to render the Ottomans invincible. Throughout his 46-year reign, he became the greatest warrior and ruler of both East and West.

The young Suleiman received news of his succession to the throne during a hunting party in 1520. Unaware that he would be ruling a reign beyond his dreams, he left behind his wife son and took to the road with his close friend and companion Pargali Ibrahim to reach the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. As they started their journey overland, an Ottoman ship set sail from Crimea in the Black Sea, bringing female slaves as gifts for the Ottoman palace… On this ship was Alexandra La Rossa, the daughter of a Ukrainian Orthodox minister, taken away from her family and sold to the Crimean palace. She had no idea that she would become Hurrem, wife of Sultan Suleiman and mother of princes, ruling the empire with him through bloodshed and intrigue.

As Sultan Suleiman conquered the world, his great passion for Hurrem would clash with his love for and trust in his closest friend and advisor, Grand Vizier Pargali Ibrahim, all set against the backdrop of the tension between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.


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