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Impostora: Full Episode 43


Nimfa (Kris Bernal), an ugly street vendor, meets Jeremy (Ryan Eigenmann), a talented plastic surgeon, in a car accident. To compensate for what happened, Jeremy offers to help Nimfa by giving her a new face through surgery. In her desire to change her life and escape her situation, she willingly undergoes complete facial reconstruction. She later discovers that her face was copied from Rosette (Kris Bernal), a wealthy and married woman who happens to be Jeremy’s lover. Rosette wants to escape her life with her husband Homer (Rafael Rosell) and their kids. Forced to accept her circumstance, Nimfa becomes an impostor so Rosette and Jeremy can get away with their affair. Nimfa grows to love and appreciate the life Rosette never wanted. Everything turns upside down when Rosette comes back to reclaim what is rightfully hers.


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